Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CK Finally Moving!

Good news to report today. CK finally is lower from 930 last month to 792 this month! We ideally want to be in the 300 range at least and hopefully will make it there. I can't really tell a difference anymore with numbers and strength. I still feel the same and that means stronger and without fatigue. I am overjoyed about all that I can once again do. Throwing Graham on my back after a hike and walking up a hill with him rings a tune of normalcy that I can't get enough of. I finally feel as though I can blend once again and don't have "disabled" smacked on my forehead.

Hair has now returned and is getting thicker. Dry skin issues resolved themselves awhile ago and I think was just a side effect of the chemo not the antibiotic.

I exposed my new hair to the world for the first time today. Shampoo is still just a novelty.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Update

All is still going well. Building, building, building, slow and steady. Pacing myself is key and stopping before I have gone too far with doing too much- gym or home. Still finding little surprises- not needing the railing of the treadmill, doing a higher leg lift, making a more smooth transition from the floor... I repeat it over and over to see if I was just imagining it and no it wasn't a dream, and no it doesn't last long. The muscle tires quickly. I carried Graham up the stairs with one arm (the other tightly gripped to the railing, but hey I'll take it!) I think he is up to 45lbs. CK is still 930 and that may be my normal for now. Hair is slowly returning.

I tried to ride my bike but quickly knew that my balance, coordination, and strength is not ready for that endeavor yet. Keeping two feet on the ground is smart.